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Dunderful 50ml

Dunderful 50ml

SKU: 008

Rum is all about the funk. The funkier, the better. The Rum Ninja combines longer fermentation with the barrel ageing process to ensure the ester count is bang on. The colour comes from the charred port and bourbon barrels...there is not a single post distillation ingredient added.


A proper, no holds barred, unspiced Rum: Dunderful.


    Dunderful is a delectably unspiced Rum. 50ml


    You'll not want, and in most cases need, to use this. However, in the unlikely event that you do feel we haven't met your expectations, we are happy to refund defective produce. Quite how you'll know that before openning it and drinking half of it is our challenge to you...


    This rum is available to order. We will ship within 14 days of order, using someone who doesn't break stuff by chucking it at your door step, or in your recycle bin. Shipping is £5.00 per bottle.

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