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Cadrona Distilleries

Remarkable Rums

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About Cadrona Distilleries


Cadrona Distilleries was established in 2020. Our goal is to provide our exquisite artisan rum to the connoisseurs.

We believe in our craft, and craft what we believe - rum at it's finest.

Swipe through our range below to explore for yourself!

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The Rum Ninja

Behind the Mask

The tale of the Rum Ninja is one of a voyage of discovery. Drifting on the maverick winds of innovation, the Rum Ninja is a Journeyman of life. From the south west of England to the west coast of Scotland,  the Rum Ninja has sampled the cultural crucibles of their Naval cities as a Ronin (wanderer).

Inspired by the opportunistic nature of pirates, the initiative and fighting spirit of a good Navy sailor, the Rum Ninja embarked upon a pilgrimage of knowledge. A journey of Athenic proportions.

Imbued with the wisdom and skill of the Grand Masters of the Wolfson dynasty, the Rum Ninja sought out tutelage from the most revered practitioners in their arts, journeying across the culturally diverse expanse, sharpening his sword in readiness.  

Now a formidable and heady mix of skill and passion, the Rum Ninja embarks upon the last leg of the epic adventure. In ode to the time-served devotion of the Master distillers of the Gaels, this journey to perfection is unending...

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Come Visit the Rum Ninja

Mon - Fri: Closed
Sat: 9am - 10am. Booking Required
Sunday: Closed

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Friends Of The Rum Ninja

Committed to Rum Life

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Stratford Sodas

The First Mixers Made For Rum


Muck And Dunder

Rum Bar


Ripe Digital

Fresh, tasty digital print

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Contact Us

8 Waterhole Avenue, Corsham SN13 0FG

07590 408894

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